Disable Thumbnails in File Explorer on Windows 10


Target issue: popup thumbnail previews of current windows that are displayed over bottom of the screen.

NOTE: a hack to disable the feature is currently unavailable and this hack creates a delay for appearance of popup thumbnails from when mouse cursor is placed on a taskbar button.

  1. Run Registry Editor, regedit
  2. Navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced” from directory tree on the left
  3. Create DWORD (32bit) key named “ExtendedUIHoverTime” inside the “Advanced” directory
  4. Change the key’s value to 30000.

Above procedure changes period of delay (in milliseconds) before Thumbnail popup is displayed to 30 seconds.

Microsoft Office Suite

As of 2017-M9


  1. Office v14 (2010)
    1. Service Pack 1
      1. 32 bit: link
      2. 64 bit: link
    2. Language Packs: TBA
    3. Proofing Tools Kit: link
      1. PTK SP1
        1. 32 bit: link
        2. 64 bit: link
      2. PTK SP2
        1. 32 bit: link
        2. 64 bit: link
  2. Office v15 (2013)
    1. Service Pack 1
      1. 32 bit: link
      2. 63 bit: link
    2. Language Interface Packs (LIP): link
    3. Proofing tools: link
  3. Office v16 (2016)
    1. Activation:  as of v16, MS sells Serial Number but not the software which gets associated with the computer or MS account upon the first activation. (long story short) Except for the first time of installation, using an activation hack saves a lot of time by skipping a phone call and waitings.
      1. HARD WAY: call MS, wait, talk, explain more, and repeat forever.
      2. EASY WAY: activate via hack
        1. Option 1: Hacked “Office.exe” file
          1. Disconnect from Internet
          2. Install Office using a hack
          3. If not already activated, activate using an activation hack
          4. Restart computer and verify activated status
        2. Option 2: Command Prompt as an Administrator
          1. Install Office
          2. Do not disconnect from Internet
          3. Execute commands or run CMD file as an administrator
          4. Restart computer and verify activated status
    2. Updates:  Office 2016 no longer receives service packs as Microsoft stopped selling the software.
    3. Language Packs:  Office Options menu now includes a link to download a Language Pack that replaces LIP and Proofing Tools.
      1. Users are forwarded to Office Download Center webpage and
      2. Promped to select a language and download an entire Office installation file in the selected language and
      3. Parallel installs the Office (a duplicate full installation of Office)