Google Search Commands

  1. General Commands
    1. “…”, search for exact phrase/word
    2. “…*…”, series of query in given order (fill the blanks option)
    3. &, strong link between search terms
    4. (space)+, additional search term (a space & a comma do the same)
      1. This command became “search for Google+ page” command
    5. (space)-, search for a content without the term
    6. (space)~, search also for a similar term
  2. Boolean Commands: applying rules to search terms (usually with a space before and after)
    1. AND
    2. OR
    3. (…)
    4. AROUND(number), set of queries within defined word counts
    5. number..number, search for a number in the range
    6. number.., search for a number minimum and up
    7. ..number, search for a number up to maximum
  3. Attribute Commands: for results with certain attributes
    1. inauthor:”author name”, search for books/publications by specific author
    2. inpostauthor:”author name”, search for pages/postings by specific author
    3. inurl:”url”, search for matches in the URLs
    4. intext:
    5. intitle:
    6. insubject:
    7. inanchor:
  4. Type Commands (for results of certain types)
    1. define:”…”, search for a definition
    2. info:”…”, search for additional information
    3. filetype:”extension”, search for files with specific extension
  5. Google Service Search Commands
    1. movie:”movie name”
    2. weather:”location name/address”
    3. stocks:[stock symbol]
    4. cache:”…”, calls out most recently viewed page from Google
    5. map:
  6. Condition Commands
    1. site:”query”, search within a site
    2. related:”term/url”, search for similar sites
    3. link:”url”, search for content pointing to the URL
    4. loc:, for results relating to a certain location
    5. location:, for news articles from certain location
    6. daterange:[date]-[date], narrow results to date range; but dates have to be in Julian date format

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