Internet Explorer on Windows NT

Changing IE settings from Group Policy Editor.

> In GPE, settings are modified by providing one of the three available responses to each setting including: Not Configured, Enabled, or Disabled.
> Not configured is a default value for each setting and IE will behave based on user selections made in “Internet Options”–consider it as “let Windows decide”.
> Enabled/Disabled would cause IE to behave based on GPE response.
Ex. 1) Notice the disabled setting, “Allow MS services to provide enhanced suggestions a…”, which is for what is often called “user based search/ad/etc suggestions”.  With the setting disabled, such function cannot be turned on from IE settings or from Windows Settings unless a program with registry access permission changes it–in most cases.  This will prevent the settings from being turned on accidentally/intentionally by another user.
Ex. 2) Notice the enabled setting, “Disable external branding of Internet Explorer”, which is for private branding of the browser.  Back in 90s or early 2000s, many PC manufacturers and internet service providers loved branding IE by replacing the IE logo “e” that showed up on the top right side of the browser window with their own company logo.  Enabling this setting would have prevented such changes from being made.

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