TV Screen Settings

When connecting to your PC to your TV, the screen is often displayed incorrectly and certain changes must be made to settings either to TV or to PC.
  1. PC to TV via Coax Cable
    1. Coaxial cable input is adjusted by manually adjusting position, size, sharpness, brightness, tone, and etc. from TV settings
    2. Since 1990s, it has become very hard to find a TV with coaxial cable connector
  2. PC to TV via Parallel Port
    1. It is very rare that a TV comes with a parallel port, but when it does, it is likely that the TV was manufactured to display image from PC correctly
    2. In case there is a problem with display of the screen, locate electronic data storage (likely to be a disk or a CD) and install display driver to a PC
    3. Since mid 2000s, Parallel Port became very rare choice of display device connection and it is very hard to find a TV with a parallel port
  3. PC to TV via RCA
  4. PC to TV via DVI
  5. PC to TV via HDMI
    1. When connected to a TV through HDMI cable, sharpness setting on a computer is often ignored or adjusted by a TV. In this case, common and basic solution to change the settings for the TV.
      1. Go into the settings for the TV
      2. Navigate to find settings for input sources
      3. Find settings for HDMI input
      4. Change input device type for HDMI to “PC” or “DVI PC”
      5. NOTE: setting the device type to “DVI PC” will cause the TV to assume the HDMI is being used only for image input, thereby causing it to ignore the audio input. If you want to receive both image and audio on your TV, then the HDMI input type must be set to “PC”.
      6. Apply the setting

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