Westlaw Search Commands

Last Updated: 2015-0615

  1. General Commands
    1. “”; exactly as included in quotes
    2. !; with any characters within a word beyond “!”
    3. *; any character in place of “*”
  2. Boolean Commands: applying rules to search terms (usually with a space before and after)
    1. &; “and” command
    2. or; “or” command
    3. %; “not” command
    4. /s; in same sentence
    5. /p; in same paragraph
    6. /n; within “n” word-units in distance
    7. +s; preceding within a sentence
    8. +p; preceding within a paragraph
    9. +n; preceding within “n” work-units in distance
  3. Condition Commands
    1. #; prefix to a keyword; turns of the variations such as plurals and tenses

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